Making Life more comfortable for Sunshine Ward Parents

06 February 2014

One of the nicest messages that came into us in the last year was a text from a parent who's child had to stay overnight in The Sunshine Ward during the Christmas period  and who contacted us saying that their stay was made a lot more comfortable by being able to sleep in a bed donated from funding raised through the Hurley-Hoey. The parents' beds that were in the ward previously were over 15 years old and these beds have now been replaced by new modern beds pictured with storage units included and which can be used as chairs during the day. Last year, 10 beds were purchased from Hurley-Hoey funds but there is still a need for a lot more beds given the amount of parents that regularly stay in the ward overnight with sick children. The intent is that a portion of the funds donated by participants in this year's event will be used to procure at least some of these additional beds and to help make life more comfortable for parents during what is a very stressful time.